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Best Practices for Students with Reading Disabilities

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Summary of Best Practices for Students with Reading Disabilities

  •  Early identification
  • Consistent and accepted school-wide approach in working with students with learning differences including:
    • Research-based intervention including:
      • Continuous progress monitoring of student performance
      • Continuous progress monitoring to pinpoint students’ difficulties
      • Using progress monitoring data to determine intervention(s)’ effectiveness and to make any necessary modifications
      • Trained teachers
      • Diagnostic-prescriptive approach
      • Direct teaching of skills
      • Direct teaching of learned skills to contextual work
      • Multisensory teaching
      • Teaching students strategies not just facts
      • Direct instruction of study skills and test taking skills
      • Realistic expectations (not too high, not too low); teaching at a level where success is easily obtained
      • Correct groupings
      • Differentiated instruction when appropriate
      • Proper learning environment that fosters improved self-esteem
  • Understanding the tipping point between remediation and accommodation
  • Determining appropriate accommodations
    • Untimed tests
    • Class notes provided
    • Assistive technology
    • Extended time on assignments
    • Ability to correct assignments and homework
    • Selective seating
    • Study guides for test preparation
    • Breaking larger tasks into smaller tasks
    • Alternative methods of evaluating student understanding (different ways to test)
  • Developing and maintaining a partnership between the school and parents
  • Teaching meta-cognition (awareness of one’s own learning strengths and weaknesses and how to bridge the gap)
    • Developing self-advocacy skills
  • Appropriate transition plans from one educational setting to the next;

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